Training Programs

Licenses and Permits

Recreational Pilot Permit

This is the most basic of pilot's licenses available in Canada. A good choice for those wishing to to fly but not seeing the need for additional endorsements like Night, Multi-Engine, or Instrument Ratings. Additionally you will be restricted to carrying a single passenger. The skills and experience obtained this permit could be applied to a Private Pilot Licence if at so point you wish to upgrade.

Private Pilot Licence

The most popular licence by far for those seeking to become a serious pilot either professionally or recreationally. The Private Pilot Licence will allow your to fly nearly any single engine, non-high performance aircraft in daylight and visual weather conditions. The number of passengers you which to carry is typically only limited by the aircraft you are flying. Those wishing to fly in conditions beyond the basic privileges of this licence may upgrade those privileges by obtaining additional endorsements such as a Night Rating, Multi-Engine Rating or an Instrument Rating. Note. This Licence may only be used for recreational, non-revenue flying if you wish to work professionally as a pilot you will need to obtain a Commercial Pilot Licence.

Commercial Pilot licence

This is the minimum licence that you must have to work professionally as a pilot. A typical path to this licence would be by first obtaining a Private Pilot Licence and upgrading. Additional endorsements can be applied to this licence increasing the basic privileges such as Multi-Engine, Instrument, and Instructor ratings are common additions.


Night Rating

A required endorsement to fly an aircraft between the hours following sunset and prior to sunrise. This endorsement is applied to a Private Pilot Licence and is a popular next step following the issuance of a Private Pilot Licence.

Multi-Engine Rating

A required endorsement to fly an aircraft with more than a single engine. A highly desirable rating for those seeking a career in aviation.

Instrument Rating

All initial licences require that you maintain constant visual contact with the ground. If you would like to fly in or above cloud or at times of low visibility then an Instrument rating is required. Easily the most advanced training you will undergo as a new pilot and highly desirable, almost mandatory for those seeking a career as an airline pilot. The instrument rating is divided up into 4 groups, Group I Multi-Engine and Group III Single-Engine are the most applicable to fixed wing pilots.

Instructor Rating

This endorsement is required for those wishing to become a flight instructor. This endorsement can only be applied to a Commercial Pilot Licence or Airline Transport Licence.

VFR Over the Top

This rating will allow the holder of a Private Pilot Licence to fly above cloud for the enroute portion of a flight.