Training Programs - Multi-Engine

Training Overview

Training will consist of approximately 2 hours Ground Instruction and 7 hours Flight Instruction in our BE76 Beechcraft Duchess or Piper Seneca Multi-Engine aircraft. There are no minimum training time requirements for the Multi-Engine class rating.

*Prerequisite: Private Pilot Licence


Must be a minimum of seventeen years (17) of age.

Medical Requirement

Must have a minimum of a category 3 medical certificate


The student will have sufficient knowledge in the following subjects:

  • Performance and limitations of multi-engine flight including principles of flight with one engine inoperative
  • Preparation for flight including flight planning, weight and balance, pre-flight inspection, engine starting, run-up and use of checklists
  • Procedures for normal flight operations including taxi, take-off, climb, cruise, the circuit and landing
  • Review of upper air work including flight at reduced airspeeds, stalls and steep turns
  • Emergency procedures for flight with one engine inoperative in all phases including take-off, cruise and landing.

*Note: There is no written examination for the Multi-Engine class rating.


The student shall complete a flight test to the standard outlined in the Flight Test Guide - Multi-Engine Class Rating - Aeroplane. (TP 219E)


The student will complete training required to reach a sufficient level of knowledge and skill to pass the Multi Engine Class Rating - Aeroplane flight test.

Cost Estimate

7 Dual Flight Training $371.00 $2597.00
2 Ground Briefings $52.5.00 $105.00
Books & Materials (approximately) $79.90
Transport Canada Licensing Fee $55.00
Flight Test Fee $300.00
TOTAL: $3136.90


  1. Estimated course costs are based on the Beech Duchess pricing. Piper Seneca costs are slightly higher.
  2. Mandatory government taxes not included

Materials List

Aircraft Information Manual (POH) $39.95
The Complete Multi Engine Pilot $39.95
Total $79.90

This program does not require approval by the registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training. As such, the registrar did not review this program.