About Us


SkyQuest Aviation Ltd. started operation in 2003 with the objective to provide quality flight training to individuals wishing to enjoy the thrill and adventure of flight. Whether for recreational purposes or in pursuit of your dream to become a professional pilot we have the skill and desire to assist you in obtaining this goal.

We operate a fleet of Cessna 172 and Cessna 152 aircraft for your single engine training and a Piper Seneca (PA34) for your multi-engine training.

We are located at the Langley Regional Airport which is 47 Kms (30 miles) east of the City of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Langley and its surrounding area are ideal for flight training the airport is busy enough to give you the necessary experience in dealing with other air traffic without an excess of delays. Additionally Langley's close proximity to 3 major airports, U.S. Airspace to the south and the mountainous terrain to the north create an ideal platform for flight training.


We enjoy the distinction of operating out the oldest hangar at the airport. Hangar #1 which housed the first tenants at the Langley, airport back in the 1930's. We have completely renovated the building giving a nice blend of old and new. Our training facility is modern with spacious class and briefing rooms.


We employ a staff of Transport Canada qualified flight instructors through which we provide a variety of flight training services

  • Private Pilot Licence
  • Commercial Pilot Licence
  • Recreational Pilot Permit
  • Multi-Engine Rating
  • Flight Instructor Rating
  • Single Engine Instrument Rating
  • Multi Engine Instrument Rating

  • In house examination facilities

  • Pilot Examiner
  • Authorized Examiner Invigilator
  • Aviation Language Proficiency Test Examiner
  • Radio Licence Examiner

  • Transport Canada Authorized Person (Pilot Licensing)

Mission Statement

Provide an effective training environment with a focus on a high standard of skill, decision making and professionalism. Ensure that all our students whether recreational or vocational have the resources and guidance required to become the best pilots they are capable of becoming.

Encourage and promote continual improvement, safety and learning.