Training Programs - INSTRUCTOR RATING

Training Overview

Training will consist of 65 hours ground school and 32 hours dual flight training, including a minimum of 5 hours instrument time. Candidates can expect to spend about 150 hours of their own time developing their lesson plans and refining their instructional techniques. Transport Canada requires a minimum of 25 hours ground school, and 30 hours flight training.

*Prerequisite: Commercial Licence


Must be a minimum of eighteen years (18) of age.

Medical Requirement

Must have a category 1 medical certificate


You must have completed a minimum of 25 hours of Instructor Rating ground school instruction which shall include:

  • practical application of the basic principles of learning and techniques of instruction
  • preparation and use of lesson plans
  • procedures for planning and presenting preparatory ground instruction
  • pre-flight briefings, in-flight instruction, and post-flight debriefings
  • theory of flight required to teach the air exercises
  • aircraft flight manuals and aircraft operating limits
  • presentation of pilot decision-making concepts
  • the use of the Transport Canada Flight Instructor Guide, Flight Training Manual, Canadian Aviation Regulations, Part IV and the Flight Test Standards, Private and Commercial Pilot Licences - Aeroplane Category.

You shall obtain a minimum of 70% in the written examination Flight Instructor Rating - Aeroplane Class 4 (AIRAF).


A student will complete a minimum of 35 hours of dual flight instruction on overall pilot proficiency and the presentation of all exercises set forth in the Flight Instructor Guide which shall include a minimum of 5 hours of training in the teaching of instrument flight skills.


An applicant shall complete an instructor flight test to the standard outlined in the Flight Test Standard - Flight Instructor Rating - Aeroplanes, Helicopters, Aerobatic (TP5537).

Cost Estimate

30 Dual Flight Instruction $218.00 $6540.00
35 Dual Ground Instruction $61.00 $2135.00
Books & Materials (approximately) $221.70
Flight Test & Written Exam Fees $230.00
TOTAL: $9,126.70


  1. Rates are based on the C172 rates
  2. Mandatory government taxes not included

Materials List

Flight Instructor Guide $19.95
In Flight Instructor Notes $27.95
C152/C172 Information Manual (POH) $29.95
From the Ground Up $54.95
Flight Training Manual $28.95
Sharper Edge Instructor Workbook $59.95
Total $221.70

This program has been approved by the registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Educations, Skills and Training.